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Full Service Landscape Maintenance

Lawn Mowing 

Fertilization & Weed Control

Mosquito & Tick Control

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Mowing is what we started with, 12 years ago, It's at the core of what we do, and we try everyday to do it better than the day before.  Our well trained staff will treat your yard like it is their own, always place safety attention to detail, customer service and being courteous ( to you and your property) at the top of our list when we are on your property.  Every mowing includes trimming around fixed obstacles, and blowing off of all hard surfaces affected by our work.  Hiring us to mow your property = a worry free summer knowing that the job will always get done by someone that cares.

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Our Fertilization & Weed Control program is like no other in town! We go above and beyond to ensure that we give your lawn everything we can to be the best on the block!  Our program is 5 applications / year.  A few ways our program stands out from the pack are:

- We utilize highly specialized finely calibrated equipment ensuring that just the right amount of product is put in just the right place

- We incorporate all natural Bio-Stimulants into our program, which help unlock the nutrients that are already in your soil allowing you to have a greener yard and us to put down less fertilizer which is much better for the environment.

- We have highly trained operators that always treat your property like their own.

As one of the peskiest insects, mosquitoes and ticks can suck the fun out of spending time outdoors. Fortunately, that’s where we come in! Our trusted mosquito and tick control service consists of 4 treatments that start in the spring and run through the beginning of fall. We use a fogger to administer our treatments, providing full coverage and consistent protection throughout the mosquito season. If that is not enough, our products are EPA approved and safe to use around children and pets; your lawn can be used again once the product is dry. 


Perimeter Pest Control

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Let our pest control professionals keep your home or office free from bugs by signing up for our perimeter pest control service. We will treat the outside of your building creating a barrier to entry for crawling insects.  Our perimeter pest control is designed to target a wide variety of pests, such as ants, spiders, boxelder bugs, and more. Our perimeter pest control service consists of 3 visits to your property to keep ongoing protection from pests for the entire year. 

Liquid Aeration

Bi-Weekly Beds and Hard Surfaces Weed Control

Over time, the soil beneath our lawns is compacted, making it harder for water, air, and other nutrients to reach grass roots.  Aeration is used to relieve compaction and make room for the unihibited flow of essential nutrientes, water, and air.

For many years, traditional core aeration — the process of removing small plugs of soil in order to create small holes in a lawn — was used to aerate a lawn.
At Bis-Man Outdoor Services, we use a newer method called liquid aeration to do the same job more efficiently and effectively. Liquid aeration works through dispersal of a special organic liquid solution that seeps through the soil and creates microscopic gaps everywhere it goes. Instead of the 5-7 surface-level holes you get per square foot with core aeration, with liquid aeration, you get thousands of tiny holes permeating deep into your soil for maximum aeration.

The benefits to you are:
-A healthier lawn
- No need to mark sprinkler heads!
- No messy cores laying all over

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Every other week beginning in the spring our technicians will come to your property and pull/spray weeds in your flower beds, cracks in asphalt/concrete and any gravel areas on your property for weeds.  

Commercial Irrigation Maintenance 


We offer full service Irrigation Maintenance for commercial clients to include start up's, repairs, monthly checks, and winterizations. 

Sprinkler Winterization


Let our professional team winterize your sprinkler system, this is something that must be done by a trained professional as not doing it correctly can cause extreme damage to your home and sprinkler system.  


What Clients Say

"I refer many people to BOS. They never disappoint. Their service is great,and pricing is fair. Jake's knowledge of lawncare is incredible. True lawn care professionals."
-Tyson A, Bismarck, ND
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